WAND Fire Department Taxonomy

The WAND Fire Department Taxonomy is comprised of 1,293 terms and 770 synonyms covering all aspects of a Fire Department. Higher level terms include Facilities, Fees, Fire Codes and Policies, Divisions and Companies, Equipment, Department Types, Fire Fighting and Rescues, Tactics and Techniques, Forms, Maintenance and Inspections, Organizations, Personnel, Programs and Services, Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines, Training and Education.

Anyone who is involved in a Fire Department will have the ability to tag and organize their unstructured information. The taxonomy includes the topics of Fire Combustion, Extinction, Fire Fighting Models, Suppression, Search and Rescue as well as Fire Types.

The WAND Fire Department Taxonomy provides a strong foundation of terms and can be customized to include terms specific to a Fire Department’s individual District, Municipality, City and County.




WAND Fire Department Taxonomy Summary PDF


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