Apache Solr Taxonomy


The WAND Taxonomy Library Portal provides access to pre-defined foundation taxonomies covering every industry vertical segment and business functional area to jump-start at taxonomy project. Taxonomies can be downloaded and customized and then used for document classification to append taxonomy categories as a metadata value to the indexed documents.  






Apache Solr is a leading open source search platform built upon Lucene. Solr could be used as an enterprise search platform or for a consumer-facing website such as an eCommerce retail site. Taxonomy adds value in either case by providing structured metadata that Solr can leverage to provide advanced faceted or hierarchical navigation options so users can more quickly get to the right search result. Simply load in an entry, add the meta-columns to the document (either manually or by a “top n” search from Lucene that exceeds a certain threshold) coupled with the use of a hierarchy. You can then load the document that mentions the term "Denver, Colorado, USA." This allows you to store in the taxonomy as USA/Colorado/Denver and allows for filtering on whatever attributes you load. 




Instructions for importing and editing taxonomies

  1. Apache.org: Multipath Hierarchical Faceting






What is the difference between Solr and Lucene?                              



Lucene is a java library which covers indexing, analyzing, and search. Solr is a product build on top of Lucene that can be used right out of the box.  .




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