Business Database Enrichment

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Every data provider wants to improve the quality of data and sell more of data.  WAND and the WAND Product and Service Taxonomy can help do both.

WAND website crawling and automatic classification technologies can append additional product and service metadata to business records that already have a valid URL. 

Improving the granularity of company categories allows business data providers to sell more targeted lists and get a higher price per record.  WAND Product and Service categories go much deeper than traditional business data categories, usually SIC or NAICS codes.  This allows business data providers a richer set of categories to append to business record during the data gathering process.  Better data enrichment means more targeted lists.

The WAND Product and Service Taxonomy can also improve the search and navigation of SIC or NAICS coded data by improving keyword recognition and by leveraging the broader, narrower, and related category relationships within the taxonomy to offer other suggested lists and nearby categories to the customer. By presenting more relevant data to the user, the opportunity to sell more data is enhanced.

Benefits for Business Data Providers include:

  • Richer data categories
  • Better keyword search and navigation of existing data
  • Enable the presentation of related and nearby categories