eCommerce Taxonomy

eCommerce Taxonomy is a critical infrastructure component for any online retail business. eCommerce Taxonomy organizes your product catalog in a way that makes it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for and to get the correct information on each product so a buying decision can be made. 

Presenting products with detailed specification level information can enable improved search, generate higher conversion rates and more sales.  An eCommerce Taxonomy is necessary to collect the data on your products in a normalized and consistent fashion.

WAND can help any company that has product data generate and manage both high-quality eCommerce collection taxonomy and intuitive front-end eCommerce taxonomies with detailed attribute templates that are relevant for your product mix and for your users.  We have developed tools and content hand in hand that can be accessed in the WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal


eCommerce taxonomy benefits include:

  • Attribute and specification based left hand refiners on product search results page
  • Enable product comparison pages
  • Display specifications on product detail page
  • More flexible product merchandising
  • Enhance search engine optimization for every category
  • Easy integration with comparison shopping engines and marketplace feeds
  • Global reporting framework to better understand product sales

WAND professional service can help you create a custom ecommerce taxonomy for your product catalog.


See how WAND created a detailed eCommerce Taxonomy for its own shopping search engine at