IBM Watson Explorer Taxonomy

IBM Watson Explorer (WEX) is an enterprise search and information analytics platform that has strong taxonomy integration for improving search results.  By leveraging taxonomies in Watson Explorer, you can benefit from features such as auto-classification, conceptual search, and query expansion, all of which give your users more control over the content they are searching for. 
It's not easy to build a taxonomy from scratch!  This is where WAND comes in.  WAND Taxonomies are officially supported pre-defined taxonomies for IBM Watson Explorer
The WAND Taxonomy Library Portal provides access to pre-defined foundation taxonomies covering every industry vertical segment and business functional area to jump-start an IBM Watson Explorer taxonomy project.







  • Accelerate the development of a high quality, relevant taxonomy for IBM Watson Explorer
  • Leverage auto-classification capabilities of IBM Watson Explorer
  • Taxonomies are downloaded in IBM Watson Explorer import format for seamless integration
  • Your employees are experts about their job, not building taxonomies. Pre-defined taxonomies allow your business users to edit a taxonomy already created by experts instead of needing to build something from scratch.
  • Access to over 100,000 professionally built taxonomy concepts
  • Take advantage of IBM Watson Explorer Conceptual Search to improve the relevance and accuracy of search results.

How to Get Started: