E-Commerce Catalogs

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Presenting well organized product information in an easy to navigate format is more important than ever to maintain high conversion rates. The WAND Product and Service Taxonomy can help you organize and normalize your product data down to the attribute level of detail by providing any product category needed with a pre-built attribute template.   WAND  can continue to manage the taxonomy for you on an ongoing basis to ensure attribute and category information always reflects the latest product information.

Product data from a variety of sources can be pushed into the WAND Taxonomy format where it will be normalized and organized for easy use. WAND can help you develop a custom front end product catalog interface.  The front end catalog category structure can be changed to reflect the changing seasonal demands of your customers or to highlight particularly popular categories.  All the while, the core product data remains well organized in your warehouse taxonomy.  This affords the most flexibility for product merchandising. 

If you have a physical store presence and product inventory, the WAND product taxonomy can be used to normalize that product information as well to enable global visibility over both online and offline sales data.

Advantages of a structured product catalog taxonomy include:

  • Enable faceted product search
  • More flexible product merchandising
  • Enhance search engine marketing for every category
  • Easy integration with comparison shopping engines
  • Global reporting framework to better understand product sales