WAND Utilities Taxonomy


The WAND Utilities Taxonomy contains 572 categories and 240 synonyms covering the common areas of Utility Providers. You will find terms relating to the types of services offered by the Utility. This taxonomy also includes Utility Associations and Organizations, Regulatory Agencies, Standards and Guidelines, Safety and Security, Utility Infrastructure, Providers, and Services as well as Statutes and Regulations. In Utility Billing you will find accounts, fees and payments along with Utility Rates. There are also terms for Forms, Agreements and Contracts, Policies, and Procedures. 


This taxonomy can quickly be customized for any specific Utility Company and should be used in conjunction with the WAND Electric Utilities Taxonomy, the WAND Gas Utilities Taxonomy, the WAND Water Utilities Taxonomy, and/or the WAND Wastewater Utilities Taxonomy.



WAND Utilities Taxonomy Summary PDF


WAND Utilities Taxonomy Suite PDF

Taxonomies that will address all of the Domains of Information/Knowledge for a Utilitiy Company